Never lose track of an employee document again

Your business produces an ever growing amount of documentation critical to your success in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. In response to these ever growing business requirements, Gavdi Group have developed a cloud solution to address the ever growing demand for archive management solutions – “Easy Archives”.

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Why Easy Archives

Automatically file, easily retrieve and manage your employee documents, all of which are securely stored

Easy to use

Archive bulk documents with a single click


Available on all modern devices and built with intuitive interfaces

GDPR Compliant

Streamlines compliance with data protection policies and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR

Role-Based Permissions

Use your existing permission groups from SAP SuccessFactors


Utilising your SAP SuccessFactors single sign-on and SAP IA ensures further data security

Easy set-up and maintenance

Hit the ground running with ongoing support from Gavdi Group

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Cloud based

Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, (BTP) Easy Archives is available anywhere, on any device with internet access, as a browser application integrated into SAP SuccessFactors

Integrates with your SAP SuccessFactors system
File and manage all of your documents in a single place
Access to documents at any time, from any place
Fast, comprehensive document retrieval
Set-up for secure archiving and seamless collaboration
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Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Easy Archives is available anywhere, on any device with internet access, as a browser application integrated into SAP SuccessFactors.


Perform advanced searches using multiple criteria, such as document type, employee ID, dates, or other metadata

Automatic Retention

Retention rules can be set up to automatically to manage your documents in relation to your documentation retention policy


E-signature enables employees to easily sign documents online with any digital signature vendor


Access Easy Archives on any modern device like a phone or tablet, as well as any operating systems for computers, allowing you access to vital documents and other options, even when you are out of office or on the move

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Extending and maximising the value of your SAP SuccessFactors solutions

PXMSOFT cloud solutions extend SAP SuccessFactors solutions, with SAP Business Technology Platform as the foundation, helping to drive cost-effective HR transformation and sustainable growth.